Here we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions and answered them. If any questions remain after reading through this FAQ, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are there for you and your concerns around the clock!

Can I rely on discretion?

Can I rely on discretion from the agency and the ladies?

All information will be treated with 100% discretion. We will use your personal information solely to provide you with the best service and delete your information afterwards. Please note that our models also rely on 100% discretion from their clients.

Here you will find more about our DATA PROTECTION

Can I expect quality service?

Will I be satisfied with the quality of your services?

Our agency has years of experience. This led to the result that we are not only one of the most professional, but also one of the most successful agencies in Europe. For us, quality is the key to a great escort experience. The goal of our escort agency is to provide our customers with unique and unforgettable upscale entertainment that outbids anything you have ever experienced before.

It is important that you are satisfied with our service because we aspire to have a long-standing and loyal customer relationship. We are not looking for “quick money” like many of our competitors do.

Are the photos real?

Are the photos of the models real and up-to-date?

As a renowned escort agency, we guarantee our estimated clients a 100% authenticity and timeliness of the photos of our models. When you book, you will always get the model you have seen on the pictures and not one that is similar to the one on the web. Jessica’s Escort works only with exclusively selected ladies who have gone through a rigorous admission process in order to be accepted into our agency.

What can I expect in the Member Lounge?

From which benefits can I profit as a member?

We offer our faithful clients and VIP’s the possibility to see the beautiful faces of our models. This will help you to find your dream model much faster. The Member Lounge also serves as a way to ensure the anonymity of our models. We can only provide you access to the lounge when you have booked with us before. The anonymity of our escorts is very important to us, which is why we put this process in place.

Here you can register for the MEMBER LOUNGE

Can you send me a selfie?

Please send me a selfie of the model in advance so I can see what she looks like!

In our exclusive Member Lounge, you will find pictures of our models without their faces being covered. For confidential reasons, Jessica’s Escort sends selfies only in a few exceptional cases and only after consulting the escort lady. However, this is only possible if you have booked with us before. Our ladies rely on 100% discretion and anonymity.

Sign up here for the MEMBER LOUNGE

What if I do not like the model?

What if there is no chemistry between the model and me?

We have first class escorts, guaranteed. If the model does not match your high expectations or does not comply with what you have imagined, then we can send you a replacement model or you can leave the rendezvous for free.


How do I book a perfect date?

What can I do to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly?

Please provide us with all your information from the beginning so that we can organize your date smoothly. This includes:

  • – Your name, phone number and/or email-address
  • – Your preferred model and possible alternatives
  • – Date, time and planned duration of the rendezvous
  • – Place of meeting: exact address, when you have a hotel booking – we also need your room number

Don’t forget to inform us about your preferences like: preferable service, dress style, taboos etc. Just everything your escort model should know in order to create the best possible date

Can I contact the ladies before the date?

Can I contact the models via email or phone first?

No. Our models have occupations outside of the escort industry and thus, are not available for an interview beforehand. As a result, their time is very precious and there is only a small chance that they could be available for a quick chat before your date.

Why are your rates so high?

Why are your rates set at a high amount?

With the high rates of our first class escort ladies, we are able to secure our unique and excellent standard of quality. Why should you spend time with a sophisticated escort lady? This is like asking: “Why eat in a nice restaurant when I can just warm up some food in the microwave.” The question answers itself.

If you are aiming for above-average quality, then you have come to the right place. Those who are used to high quality know that it comes at a price.

Do you demand a down payment?

How do I make a deposit and when is it necessary?

Deposits are only required for long-term bookings or travel companions. You can do this with the discretion of a bank transfer, Western Union or by credit card. Please note that the deposit must be credited to our account prior to your trip. For reasons of discretion, we bill you under our discreet holding company name.

Do the models travel to all cities?

How do I know whether the model can come to my city?

Our ladies travel across the country and around the world. For further information, please contact us by phone.

When are the ladies available?

How do I know whether my desired escort lady is available for my preferred date?

Ideally, you should book early. If the model is not available for your preferred date, we can suggest another high class model that is also guaranteed to suit your taste and meet your needs.

How is the ticket arranged?

How is the purchase of airline tickets arranged?

After we receive your payment, we take care of booking the tickets. To book one of our luxury models, a prepayment is mandatory. If you cancel 24 hours before the meeting, the cost will be completely refunded. Late cancellations are problematic and will result in the cost of the ticket not being refunded.

Is it possible to make special requests?

Is it possible to make special requests?

Of course we consider all feasible desires and preferences of our honored clientele. Our escort models are open and accommodating.

We kindly ask you to contact us by phone or via email to discuss your preferences and erotic desires. This way, we can recommend the model that suits you best.

What is the best method of payment?

What is the best method of payment for travel bookings?

Bank transfers, payments via Western Union or Money Transfer are preferred by us and are safest for everyone involved. The payment must be received at least three days before the departure of the model. If payments are not received, we cannot send the escort your way. Therefore, please pay as soon as possible. Tickets will only be purchased when the payment arrives, so please plan ahead.

Can I pay for the trip upon arrival?

Can I pay for the travel expenses when the model arrives?

No, all expenses and a deposit of 40% of the fee must be paid in advance. You can hand over the rest of the payment when you meet with your lady in person.

How do I know that I get the best?

How do I know that I get the lady that suits me best?

Browse through our model gallery. When you have found some favorites, please contact us so we can discuss any of your preferences. Like this, we can recommend the model that suits you best.

For longer bookings, such as a holiday or travel trip, you have the possibility to meet and greet your desired model in advance. So you can find out how well you two harmonize.

What if something bothers me?

What if something bothers me about the lady?

No matter what it is, you should talk openly with your companion about it. The escort lady is a human as you are and will respond appropriately to reasonable criticism. A clarifying conversation eliminates dissatisfaction in most cases.

The most important thing is to offer respect and willingness to compromise to one another. Your companion will behave as befits a true lady. They will do their best to ensure a smooth process.

If you two still cannot reach a solution, then you should notify us immediately and we will discuss the next steps and possible solutions.

How do I know that the model will come?

How can I be sure that the model will come to the date?

Our escort agency is a professional, first-class company with an excellent reputation. It is also in the interest of the lady to deliver a perfect service. So, as an established and respected agency, we provide the best and that includes ensuring the escort ladies appearance at the agreed meeting point – trust us!

How do I get started?

How do I begin to make my booking?

Browse through our MODEL GALLERY! It is that simple! The pictures of the models will give you a first impression. If you have looked through some of their profiles and selected a few of your favorites, please contact us via email or telephone and we will happily assist you in your decision process. Why wait any longer?

We hope that we have been able to answer some of the questions you may have had. For any further questions, please contact us at any time via email or telephone; we are always at your disposal. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us!


Jessica, your agency manager


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