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The third part of our 10 stunning things to discover is the exoticism of Asia and the spirited nature of Africa.

Learn Kung Fu in Shaolin Temple

ten stunning things you have to experience part three jessicas escort

Kung Fu is the perfect combination of body control, grace and martial arts. Those who have seen a martial arts film know how exciting it is and wished to master those breathtaking moves. Every year, the Shaolin Temple, in the middle of the mountains of the beautiful province of Henan, takes in enthusiastic new students and trains them to learn impressive martial arts. Work out in the 1500 year-old monastery on the side of the legendary warrior monks. Find your inner balance, serenity and an impressive body control as you go deeper into the culture and the secrets of kung fu. Let yourself be inspired by the famous Shaolin Temple with the most elegant of all martial arts with an elite escort model by your side.

Take part in the biggest water fight of the year


Every year in Thailand from 13th to 15th April, the water festival is celebrated. This festival originated from the tradition of the symbolic cleansing ritual for the lunar New Year. This grand spectacle is a single mass water fight. Tourists and locals are showered with water by the bucketful and defend themselves in turn with every water gun arsenal offered. This is a nationwide fun fest that should be best enjoyed in the north in Chiang Mai. With manic enthusiasm, you will feel the element of life in the face. Rinse the daily grind of your body and participate at Songkran. Indulge yourself with a mermaid from our escort service in a water fight of epic proportions.

Climb Kilimanjaro


The highest mountain in Africa exerts a strange fascination. Experience a variety of ecosystems and microclimates. From tropical forests to alpine landscapes that offers a mountain for all. This giant of the African mountains, with its proud 5895 meters is a challenge for any avid adventurer. Breathe in the extreme altitude at the summit and experience the feeling of happiness when you see your successful ascent and look at the clouds and landscape. Conquer this beast of a mountain on one of four exciting routes with an escort from our escort service agency.

Take a motorcycle ride in Bangkok


Whoever has wanted to experience a near-death experience will surely not miss a thing. Experience the infamous traffic of Bangkok up close and personal in the backseat of a motorcylce or scooter taxis as they are called by the locals. The death-defying plunge that the driver takes you on will get you to your destination in record time. The road is paved with adventure and excitement and. Clamp on your seatbelt tightly and experience Bangkok from the backseat of a motorcycle. At the end of the thrilling ride, despite all of the dangers, you will arrive to an amazing destination. Go with one of our intrepid Swiss escorts to the limit and experience a thrilling ride through Bangkok.


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