Visit the exclusive dream island of Hvar in Croatia with A Lovely Escort Lady

Hvar is a dream island in Croatia – with craggy bays and the white beaches of the sea; the island is still relatively undiscovered. Also known as “Lavender Island,” The Croatian Island is covered with flowering lavender fields throughout the summer. Within the last few years, Hvar has been a High Society Hotspot as it’s starting to rival the likes of St. Tropez and Monaco.

visit hvar in Croatia with an high class escort model

The island has a lot to offer, especially when you spend it with a travel-loving escort lady from Jessica’s, you can enjoy the charismatic, small towns by yacht or car or even spend the day at one of the many fantastic beach clubs. Sun, sea breeze, fantastic food, cool drinks and casual chill out music can all be found at Hvar.

Experience the Magic of Hvar with one of Jessica’s VIP escort

The blend of the Mediterranean landscape and the magnificent sandy beaches defines Hvar to be so heavenly. There are many rocky coves which are small but allow you to enjoy a soothing dip in complete seclusion with a dream woman from Jessica’s Escort. The water is impressive in Hvar, as is the sand with its pearly white look and soft touch. In the background, the hilly lavender fields extend and give off their fragrance. Vineyards grow in the air, which strongly enhance the landscape. For those than enjoy a good glass of wine, we highly recommend a wine tour with local culinary delights.

The narrow streets in the old town are dominated by baroque accents. A walk through the sandstone colored houses is a treat for all the senses. Anyone who takes the trouble to scale the Fortress of Spanjola will be rewarded with an amazing view of the island. The region is typically undeveloped and that is what makes Hvar a real secret tip. However, more and more tourists are discovering this exclusive island so it’s best to get there as soon as possible.

The Hot Spot of High Society

At the beach club “Carpe Diem,” you will be surrounded by elitists who enjoy a glass of the decadent Magnum champagne. At the tables and bars you will find many young, beautiful and slightly-clad ladies who dance to the music that’s playing. The view into the harbor shows off magnificent yachts, one larger than the other. Life is pulses all around the harbor basin.

The global high society has long since discovered the island as a retreat. Both Tom Cruise and Michael Douglas, have taken a time out here. Hvar Island can be made even more special as you spend in in the limelight with a lovely escort girl or spend sensuous hours in total seclusion, to instead be impressed by your lovely lady. All in all, relaxation is guaranteed, you will never be bored, and we highly recommended it!


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