10 stunning things you have to experience (Part 1) – Jessica’s Escort Magazine

Everyone has them. A personal list of things they want to experience in this life. But what are these experiences that make life worth living? What experiences are so intense that you will never forget them and always keep in your heart?
We have some exciting proposals to expand list your personal “bucket list”. 10 experiences that make life worth living.

The water buffalo races in Indonesia


Be there when the 450-kilogram giants tear under the roar of a cheering crowd of up to 50 km/h through the rice fields of Jembrana in Bali. This race is not just about speed but also about dealing with a certain grace and elegance. The elaborately decorated water buffalo are controlled by the staked course at Makepung. This is one spectacle simply not to be missed. Be there with one of our attractive high class escort models , when the majestic animals display their unbridled power on the track.

Skydive to Everest


There are two possibilities to marvel at the views of the highest mountain on earth. On the one hand, you can prepare and train for months to do the grueling and brutal climb. Or, secondly, you can fly over elegantly by parachute from a plane. Jump about 8900m above the highest point on earth and enjoy the adrenaline rush racing through your body. Such an experience can be carried out in a tandem jump with one of our adventurous elite escort ladies.

The Bordeaux Marathon


One does not have to be the perfect athlete to take part in this marathon. In this marathon, rather, the journey is the reward. The Bordeaux Marathon or Marathon du Médoc Le as it is officially known, has its participants pass 42.5 kilometers of 59 beautiful wineries in the region. But in addition to the gorgeous scenery, there is another special feature to this marathon. There are 18 special wine-aid stations, where specialties are served wine from the region. Among selected cheese, fresh oysters or even sausages. But above all, lots of red wine. Managing this marathon is a feat in more ways than one. Don’t face this challenge alone. Our sporty escort girls can support you in the run to the finish line and beyond.


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